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Contrarian Capital Trade Claims is affiliated with Contrarian Capital Management, L.L.C. an opportunistic credit investing specialist whose principals have been purchasing trade claims for over 30 years. Contrarian has been registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission since 1995*.

If you're looking to sell your bankruptcy trade claims exposure in a quick, efficient manner,  call or e-mail us to speak with a trade claims specialist.

* Registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision does not imply approval or endorsesment.


FAQs are for informational  purposes only and are not  to  be relied upon as investment, legal, tax, or financial advice. A potential seller must consult with his or her independent professional advisors as to the legal, tax, financial or other  matters relevant  to  the suitability of a sale of a trade claim.

  • Is Contrarian a broker?
    No - Contrarian is an investment management firm acting as a principal in these transactions and purchasing claims for our own account.
  • Is Contrarian affiliated with the debtor or the court system?
    No - Contrarian is an independent investment management firm and not related in any way to the debtor or the bankruptcy court.
  • What types of bankruptcy claims does Contrarian buy?
    Contrarian purchases trade receivables, mechanics liens, lease and executory contract claims, secured and unsecured loans and other types of debt or claims from suppliers, landlords, lenders and other creditors.
  • Does Contrarian buy priority claims?
    Contrarian purchases all types of priority claims including administrative, secured, lien, tax, and 503(b)(9) claims.
  • In which bankruptcy cases is Contrarian buying claims?
    Contrarian is purchasing claims in a number of bankruptcy cases. Please call us at (800) 266-3810 or email for specific details.
  • What are the potential benefits of selling my claim?
    Elimination of Recovery Risk. There is a high level of uncertainty as to what, if anything, unsecured creditors will receive in a bankruptcy. Selling your non-performing receivable (known as a “trade claim”) for cash allows you to secure a definitive recovery. Elimination of Consideration Risk. In successful reorganizations, creditors can receive cash, bonds, stock, or a combination thereof. Often, and particularly in smaller bankruptcy cases, bond and stock consideration can be difficult to sell in an efficient manner. Elimination of Bankruptcy Review and Correspondence. Typically, Chapter 11 reorganization requires a great deal of correspondence between the bankrupt company (known as the “debtor), the bankruptcy court, and creditors. The sale of your trade claim will limit the correspondence to you and eliminate the need for you to follow the proceedings.
  • Will I get money sooner if I sell my claim?
    A corporate bankruptcy case can typically take several years to complete. Some cases take far longer due to litigation, disputes between creditors or the debtor holding assets that are difficult to monetize. Selling your non-performing receivable for cash eliminates the time risk associated with a bankruptcy case and provides you with an immediate cash recovery.
  • Are there potential tax benefits of selling my claim?
    In certain circumstances selling your claim could provide your company with a tax benefit by applying the loss on the uncollected portion of your receivable against current income. Please consult with a tax professional for advice on your specific situation.
  • Why doesn't the debtor just pay me?
    A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing precludes the debtor from paying obligations, including obligations to many of its vendors and suppliers, incurred before the date that it filed for bankruptcy protection. Invoices for these obligations are now considered pre-petition claims and will be dealt with through the bankruptcy process. The Bankruptcy Code also states that the filing of a petition with the court stays all actions against the debtor. This typically prevents you from pursuing remedies against the debtor's assets or taking other actions.
  • What if I sell you my claim and the Debtor pays you less than you paid me? Will I owe you money?
    No, Contrarian Capital Management, L.L.C. ("Contrarian") accepts the risk that the recovery amount could be less than what we pay you for your claim. We are only entitled to a refund if the face amount of the claim you sold us is reduced, expunged, or otherwise impaired by the bankruptcy court or for breach of representations and warranties as detailed in a Claim Assignment Agreement.
  • Why did I receive a call or Letter from Contrarian?
    Contrarian is an investment firm that provides liquidity to creditors who are holding debt against bankrupt companies by purchasing their receivable. We offer creditors of certain debtors an opportunity to sell their claim for an immediate cash recovery.
  • Does Contrarian have any requirements for the sale of my claim?
    Contrarian requires that you have a valid claim that has not been previously sold, objected to, disallowed or satisfied. We recommend that you check your records carefully prior to accepting our offer. Contrarian reserves the right to review the validity of any claim and may refuse to purchase your claim for any reason. If you have any questions, please call us to discuss the status of your claim.
  • When do I get paid?
    Typically, within two to three business days of the execution of definitive documentation.
  • Is the process confidential?
    While court proceedings are generally a matter of public record, Contrarian is very careful to not disclose any confidential information regarding the sale, including the price paid.
  • What else will we have to do to transfer my claim to Contrarian?
    Once Contrarian receives the definitive executed documentation, we will file the Notice of Transfer of Claim form with the bankruptcy court and no further action to transfer the claim will be required on your part. Contrarian’s Claim Assignment Agreement does, however, require that you forward any communications that you may receive regarding the bankruptcy throughout the case to Contrarian.
  • What information is available so that I can evaluate Contrarian's offer?
    Bankruptcy court filings are available to the public for review and evaluation. You can call the court to request documents in the bankruptcy case or access the information online.
  • If I decide to sell, what should I do next?
    Please call us at (800) 266-3810 or email to discuss your options.

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